Dr. Joshua Stoneman and wives Elizabeth Davis and Sarah Burcham

The oldest son of James and Sarah Stoneman was Joshua Stoneman who was born 1771 in Orange County North Carolina. He is believed to have studied medicine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and often witnessed wills and deeds. Dr. Joshua Stoneman died in 1840 in Grayson County, Virginia. He was married twice. First to Elizabeth Davis in 1796 and they had 14 children. He married secondly Sarah (Sally) Burcham in 1823 and they had 5 children.

In 1836 Dr. Joshua presented his wife Sally with a Bible and instructed that the Bible was to be inherited by their daughters, Emily and Charlotte, then of Chestnut Creek, Grayson County, Virginia. Many dates regarding this family are recorded in that Bible.

Joshua and Elizabeth Stoneman's children were:

1.    Sarah Ann Stoneman
2.    Lydia Stoneman
3.    Mary Stoneman
4.    Elisabeth (Betsy) Stoneman
5.    Joshua Stoneman- died young
6.    stillborn
7.    stillborn
8.    Julia Ann Stoneman
9.    stillborn
10.    Jenny Stoneman- died young
11.    Jenny Alice Stoneman
12.    Joshua Freeman Stoneman-died young
13.    Nancy Stoneman-died young
14.    Mark Davis Stoneman

Joshua and Sally Stoneman's children:
1.    Emily Stoneman
2.    Levi James Stoneman-died young
3.    Lucinda Stoneman-died young
4.    Charlotte Stoneman
5.    Nancy  Burcham Stoneman-died young

From the book "James and Sarah Stoneman and the Next Four Generations" 2009 Revision by Carol Roller
I transcribed the following many years ago. It was first written in 1919. This is in the Iowa Historical Society files, as well as the LDS files. It is the genealogy as written by one of Samuel Burcham & Emily Stoneman Burcham's daughters in Iowa. Emily Stoneman was the daughter of Dr. Joshua Stoneman. Samuel was the son of Burden Burcham, son of Levi & Nancy Denny Burcham.  This has been around for many, many years and I've often thought that this is the document that some associated Levi Burcham's wife Nancy with having the maiden name Stoneman in error. I hope this helps someone.

Carolyn Spence
A Record of the Burcham and Stoneman Family

These two families were of Nationality English and Dutch descent.

Religious principals were Baptists and Friends.

At the time of this writing all the ancestors of the recorded name of
Stoneman have passed away. This furnished and written by the youngest child
of the Dr., named Charlotte S. Burcham, date June the 1st, 1919. And copied
by a sister(?) by the name of Marietta Green, date July 11th 1921.
Note: Emily had a niece named Marietta, but no sister

The Coming to Iowa from Virginia

Samuel Burcham's first trip he first made was to drive one of the teams that
brought the belongings and Wagons of William Adams and his family to
Bangor, Marshall County, Iowa. He Samuel Burcham made his return trip to
Virginia on horseback and walking part of the way when he got tired of
riding. This trip he made alone in four weeks but Mr. Burcham did not get
discouraged for he returned in the fall to Henry County in Iowa with his wife
and three children and they staid there eighteen months when they came to
Marshall County Iowa landing one mile east of Bangor at the William Adams
farm on the sixteenth of April 1860. In a short while he bought them a home
place near the Iowa River and two miles west of Siscomb. Mr. Burcham
purchased part of his farm of the Government and part he traded for a
neighbor then he had to improvements and build improvements and before much
improvements had been done He was called to try the realities of that
unchangeable home. The Widow lived there with the two smallest children until
called by death away on the 13th of July 1912 and at this writing, the two
children are making their home there. She was in her eighty eight year.

There were four children born in Iowa and four in Virginia.

Fathers Tombstone lines
Amiable and beloved husband, farewell.
Thy years were few, they virtues many,
They are not only recorded on the pershing stone,
But in the Book of Life and hearts of thy affected friends.

Samuel Burcham and Emily Stoneman were married January 9th 1848.

To this union were born eight children. The oldest child a son stillborn on
the 29th of the 11th month, 1848.
Vienna Burcham born on the 5 of May 1850.
Marietta Burcham born 23rd of February 1854.
Heath J. Burcham born 30th January 1856.
Hance K. Burcham born 11th February 1859.
Gilmore Burcham born 31st of March 1861.
Albert Burcham born 14th of May 1863.
Charlotte Burcham born 15th July 1865.

Births of our parents
Samuel Burcham was born 22nd of August 1825 near Hillsville, Carroll Co. VA

Emily Burcham, nee Stoneman was born 22nd October 1824 near Hillsville
Carroll Co VA

Births and deaths of our grandparents
Burden Burcham born Jan 5-1801
Elenor Burcham born Oct 27-1802

Burden Burcham dec. Jan 5-1863
Elenor Burcham dec July 1-1877

Joshua Stoneman born Sept 7-1772
Sally Stoneman born June 20-1779

Joshua Stoneman dec December 28-1840
Sally Burcham dec December 13-1850

Deaths of our Great grandparents
James Stoneman dec June 29-1829
Aged 95 years and seven days
Sarah Stoneman dec April 14-1849
Aged 93 years and three months.

The oldest relative I have account of was a Maiden lady and great Aunt Polly
Burcham aged 94 years and three months.

Grandfather Stoneman Chilren Marriage
First set of children
Sally Stoneman and Enoch Cox Feb 10-1801
Lydia Stoneman and Joseph Bentley Jan 19-1810
Mary Stoneman Levi Larrowe Sept 10- 1818
Elizabeth Stoneman and Morris Davis Dec 18
Julia Stoneman and John K. Simcock May 1st
Jennie H Stoneman and William Adams Aug 19
Mark Stoneman was married three times
The first wife was Elizabeth M.A. Davis
The second wife was Aann Idings
The third was Aletha C. White

Second set of children
Emily Stoneman and Samuel Burcham Jan 9th
Charlotte Stoneman and James Tebb Fall of 1860 Nov.

Deaths of relation
James Tebb dec April 4-1897
Charlotte Stoneman nee Tebb dec December 15
Charles B. Smith dec january 6-1880
Isaiah Carter dec 6 of July 1890
A Niece Emily Celia Carter dec Oct 2
Cousin John M. Cox dec Jan 17
Cousin Calvin Burcham dec Sept 1-18

Grandfather Stoneman Seven Oldest Grandchildren
Joshua Cox
Jeffrey Bentley
Elizabeth Larrowe
Evelina Davis
Elizabeth M. Simcock
Joshua S. Adams
Evelyn Stoneman

Uncles and Aunts Births
Sally Stoneman july 19,1797
Lydia Stoneman March 16, 1799
Mary Stoneman oct 28 1800
Elizabeth Stoneman July 19, 1802
Joshua Stoneman Nov 29-1803
Daughter March 16,1805
Son April 20-1806
Joshua A. Stoneman April 9,1807
Daughter May 31-1808
Jennie Stoneman April 27-1809
Jennie A. Stoneman June 5-1810
Joshua T. Stoneman Feb 28-1812
Nancy Stoneman Jan 1-1814
Mark D. Stoneman December 9-1815

These are Joshua and Elizabeth Stonemans children

Grandfather Stonemans parents
James Stoneman, son of John and Elizabeth Stoneman birth place in England on
the River the river Thames near London was kidnapped when he was ten years
old and brought to America. Birth June 17-1735
Sarah Stoneman daughter of John and Hannah Freeman birth place North America
Pennsylvania birth Jan 17??

Mothers grandparents
Levi Burcham
Nancy Burcham

Second set of children
Emily Stoneman Our Mother Oct 22nd, 1824
Levi James Stoneman Jan 29-182?
Lucinda Stoneman June 26-1829
Charlotte Stoneman Jan 16-1832
Nancy Stoneman Aug 28-1835

Joshua and Sally Stonemans children

Grandfather Stoneman Brothers Sisters
James Stoneman
John Stoneman
Dr. Joshua Stoneman Our Grandfather
Sarah Stoneman nee Mooney
Lizzie Stoneman
Elizabeth Stoneman


Family genealogy
Welcome to the Stoneman
of James Stoneman b. 1735 and wife Sarah Freeman Stoneman of Carroll County, Virginia